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Foster a Dog

Do you long to snuggle up close to a cool wet nose? Dream of innocent doggie eyes gazing up to you in complete adoration? Do you have a home with some room and want to make a difference to help get some pups back on all four feet? Can you spare a little time to walk and feed and love some underprivileged orphans?

If you have said yes, yes and YES, then become a foster family to a needy dog. These dogs need your help!

To Foster Families Everywhere

Your home may have been
The first one that I'd ever seen;
Your voice the first to teach, to praise,
To guide me through confusing days.
You're the one who taught to me
What the We of a good dog ought to be.
Your patient persistence all the while
May have won my very first doggie smile.
And now that I am off to roam
With the family of my "forever" home,
Yours is the home I will always dream of
Your gentle hands, your smiling love,
The way you coaxed tangles out of my coat,
The sound of your voice, yes, every note.
If they learn to love me the way that you do
I will know that I owe my acceptance to you.
Though my paws may wander far away,
Yours is the home where I learned to stay.

        --Kam Ellery, 2000 http://www.maeser.org
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