Adoption Application

Adoption Application

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About the Dog You Want to Adopt

If you are not applying for a specific dog, or if the dog you applying for is no longer available, please tell us your preference in terms of age range, sex and weight of the dog you want.

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Please answer these few questions so that we can better evaluate if the dog you want is a good fit for you.

About You

About Your Home

Other than your spouse or housemate, who will assume responsibility for your dog’s care in the event of death or if you become ill or disabled?

The following information is required to verify that you are allowed to have a dog in your current residence:


By checking this box, I certify that the above information is true and accurate. I understand that completion of this application in no way guarantees my ability to foster or adopt a dog. I further understand that this application is only the first step in the adoption process and that, should I wish to further this process, an in-home screening will follow. I also understand and agree that the information I have provided on this application will be part of the adoption contract should the adoption be finalized and will be used by Stray from the Heart in the event of a breach of contract.  *

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