Erick, Florida Location

Male, Poodle, 22 lbs.


Erick, Florida Location

Male, Poodle, 22 lbs.

Endearing and precious Erick has been through so much suffering in his short life. He was rescued as a starving stray after being hit by a car and left for dead and with a broken and severely infected back leg. The good people who found him contacted us and we arranged for this sweet, gentle and handsome boy to come into one of our foster homes for rehabilitation. He was still shell shocked when he arrived and could barely make eye contact. His badly infected back leg couldn’t be saved, so it had to be amputated.

After just a few of weeks of healing, Erick has shown how resilient his spirit is and how amazing second chances can be! He’s already running like the wind, no joke, and has no trouble navigating a few steps to get up on the bed. He is still a very gentle soul, but his personality is starting to shine and he’s getting sweeter, happier and more responsive by the day. When he wagged his tail for the first time we celebrated like it was New Year’s Eve!

Erick loves everyone, including dogs and cats and has found his little voice so he can alert us when there’s a stranger at the door. He loves to walk and explore and it would be a mistake to think he is handicapped because he only has 3 legs. He is also housebroken, very and well behaved. At just three years old, Erick would be a wonderful companion for a single person, a couple or a great family dog. He’s still healing from a lifetime of neglect, but he is blossoming each day into a happy, healthy dog. He welcomes affection and has tons of love to give.

In less than a month, he has gained almost 5 lbs. He now weighs 22 lbs. He is scheduled to be neutered soon and will be ready for his forever home.

To adopt Erick, please fill out our adoption application here. 


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