Dashing Panda



Dashing Panda

Letter from Home – Panda

Panda arrived in November but it feels like he has been with us forever! He seems to have settled into life in NYC and has enjoyed his first adventures in the snow and squirrel stalking in Central Park. His super hero mask has won him many fans on the UWS, we are quite tempted to raise funds for Stray from the Heart by asking the many people who take his photo to donate to the charity! Panda has an amazing capacity for sleep, sometimes in the most bizarre positions, along with an instinctive reaction to roll over for tummy rubs whenever he senses someone nearby! Thanks to ‘Stray from the Heart’ for doing such an amazing job and the wonderful Ketty who looked after Panda so well when he was first rescued.  We can’t imagine life without Panda.


Louise & Mark

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