We love our little man more than we ever realized was possible...

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We love our little man more than we ever realized was possible...

Today is Milo’s 7th month adoption anniversary. It has been amazing to see the changes in his confidence and personality. When my girlfriend Lisa and I first contacted Stray From the Heart, we were interested in adopting a different dog. However after some back and forth with Patricia it turned out that that pup’s foster family had decided to keep him. While we were initially disappointed, Patricia recommended Milo. Patricia was very upfront about the fact that Milo would need some help with potty training and some separation issues but thought we were uniquely positioned to help him with these as I work from home, and they were right. Within a few short days Milo had learned to only go to the bathroom outside. While he still suffers from some mild separation issues, he is getting better at staying home alone every day.

Milo has also grown to love playing with other dogs. He loves his daily walks, his weekly trips to the dog park. He is very gentle with my parent’s (much) older dog. He is extremely well behaved in public and we have been able to take him almost everywhere with us this summer, including meals at dog friendly restaurants, family gatherings and vacations all around New York.

We have remained in contact with Patricia, which tells us SFTH really cares about the dogs they rescue, even after they have been adopted. We cannot recommend them enough.

We love our little man more than we ever realized was possible — every day with him is an adventure. From snuggling on the couch in the evenings to going for crazy runs as a “pack” through the hallways of our building, our lives have been indescribably enriched by adding this little low-rider to our family!

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