Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Top Recommendations

  • Positively ­– Through her site, Victoria Stilwell, one of the world’s most respected dog trainers, offers free expert advice on dog training and behavior, nutrition, exercise, safety, enrichment and many other topics.
  • The Whole Dog Journal – Paid subscribers receive a monthly issue, as well as unlimited subscriber-only access to more than a decade of trusted training advice, health and nutrition information, and food and product reviews. We highly recommend this resource!
  • – This website is a go-to resource for all things dog in every aspect of caring for your pet.

Food & Nutrition

  • Food Pets Diet For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food (2008) ­– Ann N. Martin wrote one of the first exposés on the pet food manufacturing industry, calling attention to dubious ingredients and methods employed by many firms. Her book also provides recipes for making pet food at home.
  • The Dog Food Advisor ­– An online site of independent ratings and reviews of more than 950 dog food products.
  • How to Choose the Right Dog Food – This article suggests a number of factors to consider when choosing the right dog food for your pet.

Pet Health

Behavior & Training

Ways to Help

  • – A crowdfunding site that connects donors with animal nonprofits around the country to help fund critical projects.

Preparing Your Pet for a Move

  • Preparing Your Pet for a Move – Moving with your pet and introducing him to a new home doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. By taking the right precautions and preparing for your big day, you can ease your pet’s anxieties, and experience a smooth transition.

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