Join Our Foster Network

Join Our Foster Network

Foster homes are the lifeline of Stray from the Heart, and we are always in need of compassionate volunteers to nurture, love and teach our Strays that life can be full of joy and happiness. You can become a part of this magical time by helping a foster pup adjust, cope and prepare for his or her forever home!

What Does a Foster Parent Do?

Stray from the Heart foster parents are temporary dog owners who agree to care for a Stray in their home until he or she is adopted. They provide a clean, safe and nurturing environment, diligent care, routine walks and socialization. Other duties include feeding, cleaning and grooming the foster dog and attending to any special needs he or she may have.

These daily interactions help our rescued Strays build trust and confidence. More importantly, as a foster parent, your observations and feedback about the dog’s needs and temperament are essential to helping us place him or her in a suitable forever home.

Is Fostering a Dog Right for Me?

Becoming a foster parent is a great solution for people who want to have a profound impact, but cannot make a long-term commitment to owning a dog. Examples include those who travel frequently, may need to relocate in the future or have careers that make permanently caring for pets difficult. Fostering is also ideal for people who want to adopt, but are uncertain about which breed is a good match for their lifestyle. Keep in mind that fostering a dog is still a commitment, so carefully consider whether you are ready to devote the time and attention needed to make his or her stay a success.

Who Pays the Vet Bills and Other Expenses?

We are always in need of donations, but Stray from the Heart will cover all major costs associated with fostering a dog, including his or her medical expenses. Food and supplies can also be provided, if requested. We do not reimburse for your time or damages caused by a teething puppy or nervous rescue.

How Long Will I Foster the Dog?

Stray from the Heart strives to place our rescues in their forever homes as soon as possible. Most of our Strays spend six to eight weeks in foster care, while others take longer depending on their physical and emotional needs and the quality of applications received. Stray from the Heart works closely with foster parents to provide vital resources and support, such as specialized vet services and behavioral training, to rehabilitate the dog before his or her placement in a permanent home.

Foster parents are asked to make a six to eight week commitment and give at least one week’s notice to terminate the foster care agreement so that Stray from the Heart can find a suitable new foster.

What If I Want to Adopt My Foster?

We always love when one of our placements becomes a forever home for our Strays. You will still need to go through our adoption process – however, since you’re already an approved foster parent, it’s much faster!

How Do I Become a Foster Parent?

We are excited you want to take the next step! Please fill out a Foster Care Application. Once we receive it, a foster counselor will contact you to discuss your specific interest and make an appointment for a home visit to ensure it is safe and properly prepared for our Stray’s arrival. To finalize the foster process, you will need to sign a Foster Care Contract, acknowledging our foster care conditions.

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